Art benefits children and adults personally, intellectually, and in social development. It can also build discipline, self-worth, and confidence. 


To inspire, motivate, educate, and heal; by providing a safe space for artists to share, learn, and grow.


Art is the gateway to all that we do in the world. When this door opens, the creator is free to enter a space in which she or he can think, feel, and see the world from different perspectives. Art empowers, teaches, and heals. It instills skills like discipline, self-worth, and confidence. Art is an especially useful tool in teaching and empowering young people. With art, youth discover that they can do and be anything.

The No Limits Arts Theatre, Inc., NLAT, is a 501c3 organization. NLAT's purpose is to heal through art by providing our youth, in underserved communities, a safe place to showcase their artistic gifts and talents, supplying needed school supplies to assist teachers in local school districts, and offering a source of healing to veterans and the community.

The No Limits Arts Theatre's mission is to inspire, motivate, and educate; by providing a safe space for artists to share, learn and grow. 



No Limits Arts Theatre (NLAT) was founded in 2006 by Audrie Austin. Inspired by her son who is an artist, Audrie started NLAT with the goal of helping teens and young adults showcase their talents. She sought to create a solid foundation for sponsorship and build relationships within the community to host relevant events for youth.

NLAT began giving back to the community through volunteer work in 2007. Seeing a need to support our teachers, the “We Love Our Teachers” school supply drive was initiated in 2012. We began collecting school/art supplies and donating them to teachers in underserved schools. To date, in 2020, we have gifted over $10,000 in supplies and 500 backpacks to teachers. 


​In 2016 NLAT began hosting the "Art Is" series of events. Art Is Performance the fourth (4th) weekend of March and Art Is Visual the fourth (4th) weekend of July. We also brought back an event we started in 2010 called Art Meets Art, where we showcase and exhibit both performance and visual art at one event, the fourth (4th) weekend in November.