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Registered Charity: NLAT is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization incorporated in Dallas, TX, and contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

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About No Limits Arts Theatre (NLAT)

No Limits Arts Theatre (NLAT) was founded in 2006 by Audrie Mills. Inspired by her son who is an artist, Audrie started NLAT with the goal of helping teens and young adults showcase their talents. She sought to create a solid foundation for sponsorship and build relationships within the community to host relevant events for youth.

NLAT began giving back to the community through volunteer work in 2007. Seeing a need to support our teachers, the “We Love Our Teachers” school supply drive was initiated in 2011. We began collecting school/art supplies and donating them to underserved schools.

The evolution of NLAT began with thoughts about our own adolescence. Our minds were wild with imagination. We could do and be anything! Our exposure to the arts in school, after school programs and even TV programming nurtured that imagination. Simple craft making projects, like turning construction paper into animals and making popsicle stick houses, helped us discover a world through color and composition. As we matured, that imagination turned into dreams and those dreams into action. It helped us see beyond the perceived limitations of our environment. Beyond that, it gave us the discipline, confidence and self-expression we needed to become better versions of ourselves.


Art is not just limited to paintings, dance and sculpture. It’s also the innovative proposal for climate change, the radical idea for cancer research or the "for the people" political campaign. These inspirations were fueled by our inherent nature to create in our developmental years.


That's where NLAT fits in and hopes to influence change. We want to take a step back and focus on nurturing the “artist” in our youth, so they can once again create their own paths and inspire others with their own dreams...essentially creating future leaders instead of followers.

Art benefits children and adults personally, intellectually and in social development. It can also build discipline, self-worth and confidence. Our participants build these attributes through volunteering and/or mentoring others.


Our Goals

We are committed to three causes; providing a venue for young artists to showcase their artistic abilities, educating them about the work involved in achieving success in their craft and encouraging them to give back to their communities.

By mid 2020, we hope to have a venue and network of influencers. To do this, we need support through our fundraising efforts and community involvement. That means you! Purchasing t-shirts, giving donations and sponsorships will help provide revenue toward the building lease and event equipment/supplies.

We Need Your Support Today!