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Art Meets Art

Art Meets Art is a visual and performance art program designed to challenge youth ages 6-18 to create  new artistic works each year in an effort to allow them to embrace and stimulate their creative processes. By doing so, these processes lay the framework for these youth to develop skillsets within their personal and professional lives in the areas of innovativeness, strategizing, problem-solving and
relationship building that is essential to successful growth and development.

Art Meets Art acknowledges that without artistic engagement and expression , youth, especially those who are forced to survive in challenging environments, are deprived of having an outlet or a voice that could adversely compromise their ability to cope or develop. Therefore, Art Meets Art has been established to allow for youth to create artistic works that is a representation of the artist, the
community where they live, their family, their experiences, and their culture. Art Meets Art programming goal is to encourage youth artists to take pride and ownership in their work, see a project from start to finish, be daring, thought-provoking, and motivational in their creative pieces, and inspire audience members into action.

At the end of the Art Meets Art program, NLAT will host an annual event that will serve as a collaboration of performance and visual art. We strive to involve youth artists at every level from writing, producing, directing, and choreography.

Harlem Renaissance Remix
Harlem Renaissance Remix
Membership Offer
Art Meets Art 10th Anniversary Celebration
Dec 02, 2023, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM CST
919 Morrell Ave, Dallas, TX 75203, USA

Harlem Renaissance Remix: Celebrating Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Artistry

The "Harlem Renaissance Remix" is a groundbreaking arts production commemorating the 10-year anniversary of the Art Meets Art program by No Limits Arts Theatre. This youth-led tribute takes inspiration from the iconic Harlem Renaissance movement and infuses it with a modern twist, drawing from the spirited past of Harlem's cultural heritage and connecting it with today's dynamic and creative youth.

This tribute blends contemporary elements with Harlem's Black cultural heritage, using dance, spoken word, music, and contemporary art to explore themes of identity and resilience. The project transforms the stage into a dynamic canvas, connecting the fearless voices of today's artists with the pioneering spirit of the Harlem Renaissance, creating an immersive and inspiring experience for audiences.


The script for this project was written by a team of talented and passionate youth, who bring their unique perspectives and creativity to the forefront. Their collaborative efforts drive the project, making it a vibrant and powerful representation of intergenerational artistry.

Art Meets Art

Program Outline

Performance artists are encouraged to put together a performance piece to showcase
their talents to include but not limited to the following:


  •  A performance piece between 5-15 minutes

  •  A performance piece formatted as either a solo or a collaborative effort between two or more artists

  • A performance piece with at least 80% of content be original work

Visual artists are encouraged to create 2-6 pieces, depending on size and medium to
display at the Exhibit.

  • The pieces have to be reminiscent of the era of our theme for the year.

  • They are given creative license to express themselves

NLAT will have mentors available at all times to help young artists when needed but, will
strongly encourage the artists to let their creativity flow.

Program Benefits

NLAT believes that art is a gateway to healing and creativity. Studies reveal that arts can help youth overcome shyness, become great public speakers, embrace positive images of themselves as professionals such as architects and builders, and inspire them to pursue their dreams. NLAT seeks to serve as a catalyst to artistic expression in a variety of ways such as helping youth become involved in art as a way to find their voice and use art as a positive outlet that many young people otherwise might not have.

Participating in the Art Meets Art program can help youth to be social, teach them how to work with a team, how to collaborate with others and support them to most importantly believe in themselves.

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