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Veterans & Art

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Veterans are people who have been through the pain of loss, gain, enjoyed team work, stood face to face with death and survived through it all. Not many manage to come out of service to their nation hale and hearty because post-traumatic stress disorder is real. The entire experience of being a soldier is one that requires a strong heart, an expertise in bottling up emotions, creativity and expressions.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is triggered when any person is exposed to a life-threatening situation. It is common in veterans because of the level of violence and threat they had to face. PTSD patients always find it hard to articulate what they’re going through or what they went through. Art therapy has become a tried and tested way to help patients of PTSD to overcome the symptoms.

As people who were never allowed to express themselves, veterans participating in any form of art expression can be liberating and oddly satisfying. No one can deny the beauty of art and its expression. In art therapy, veterans can use their innate and hidden creative process to rightly channel their healing. This helps to quicken the recovery process, what was once dark can become a place where you draw from as you go on your healing journey.

Art therapy for veterans and victims of PTSD is already fast becoming a norm because of how effective it has proven to be. The secret to art therapy is being able to deal with those troubling feeling by expressing them, not with words but with your art. It creates an avenue to step away from the trauma, a better way to deal with it. Art on its own is enjoyable because it supports the expression of our feelings, our words, it's our voice when we don’t physically speak.

At No Limits Art Theater art truly has no limits, we aim to inspire, motivate and heal through anyone of our events and exhibitions! Join our art workshop for veterans for a whole new artistic experience!

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