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Art Expressions Workshops

for veterans, first responders and their Spouses.

The Art Expression workshops communicate the value of the arts to the quality of life by helping veterans and first responders discover or rediscover a passion for something that can be beneficial in theirs and their families’ lives. Art is a tool veterans and first responders can use to communicate how and what they feel without speaking, something that can be difficult for anyone but especially difficult for those who have experienced trauma.


The No Limits Arts Theatre will host a series of workshops specifically for veterans, first responders, and their spouses entitled, Art Expressions. The purpose of the Art Expressions program is to serve local veterans, first responders, and their spouses through the arts. The workshops will offer different mediums of art such as visual art, and performance arts, to provide veterans the opportunity to find a medium that speaks to them personally and potentially bring them joy. The instructor of the workshop will be an experienced local artist from the community, some of whom are veterans, who are passionate about their art and are excited to share their love of the arts with the participating veterans and first responders. The workshop will be as follows:

a. Every Tuesday from 6 pm to 8 pm
b. April 4, 2023 -September 5, 2023
c. VFW Post 6796, 9179 Garland Rd. Dallas, TX
d. Limited to 12 per workshop to ensure active participation/individual instruction
e. Art supplies (provided by NLAT)
f. Art exhibit (September 2023)

A major goal of the No Limits Art Theatre is to help veterans and first responders discover and experience the joy of expressing themselves through the arts, providing the opportunity to help them heal from PTSD, stress, or anxiety that is often characteristic of those whose profession requires them to risk their lives to protect and serve others.

Art Expressions
Multiple Dates
Jun 06, 6:00 PM CDT
VFW Post 6796


The Art Expressions workshops will have a tremendous impact on the veterans in the community because they will provide opportunities for participants to rediscover old passions or learn new ones. Veterans will be able to encourage and support one another in a fun and welcoming environment with others who can relate to their journey. According to Arts Deployed: An Action Guide for the Arts & Military Program, there are five top reasons that the arts are good for the body and mind:

1. The arts promote socialization
2. The arts foster positive, meaningful relationships
3. The arts are an effective, alternative means of communication
4. The arts enhance the quality of life of individuals, communities, and the greater society


The goal of Arts Expressions is to provide art instruction and facilitate art-making for enjoyment, relaxation, inspiration, and emotional healing. We hope that by attending one of our workshops, veterans, first responders and their spouses will discover their own artistic interests and talents, fostering new outlets to express themselves.

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